Half Marathon

Maitland Half Marathon

The course will start in The Levee, High St at the corner of Bulwer St and run north along High St until a right turn at Stilsby Lane next to the Shenanigans at The Imperial. Then right at the back to follow the course markings along the back of the shops/car park and onto the top River Foreshore. Then follow the Foreshore path east until a left turn were the course meets the bottom Foreshore path and run along the path, under the bridge and to the park near at Sempill St. Then return to the river path, back to the top path and to a turn point near Hunter St. The course then returns along the path and turns left to the ramp that leads down to Cathedral St. The course moves along Cathedral St and turns left onto the footpath of High St for 100m then to a crossing point of High St to Lee St. The course runs down Lee St using part road and part path until a small park. Run through the park and cross Athel Dombrian Dr and follow the marked course into some road reserve away form the road until a bridge which goes over the New England Hwy. Then follow the marked paths north to a turn point and back to an intersection on the path which takes runners west around the park before turning before the main park entrance off Elgin St. Then runners follow the path back to the bridge, cross at Athel Dombrain Drive, run up Lee St, cross High St and return to the start point, they then do one more lap. This is a very cool flat course (apart from 4 ramped bridge crossings). There are drink stations at 2,4,6.5,8 and 10km, which repeat at the second lap. This course is subject to final approval.

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