What an unreal day. Thanks to our runners, sponsors and volunteers. Maitland..you rock!!


The Maitland River Run. Offering a picturesque 4km course in and around the Mall and River Bank of Maitland's CBD, the event is open to novice and elite competitors. You can either run/walk the 1 Lap 4km course, 2 lap 8km course or 3 lap 12km course. There is also a improved Half Marathon course and our classic 1609m (one mile) sprint event open to serious and novice runners who would like to “Run the Mile”!


Little Stroke Warriors Australia is a support group for families and survivors of Paediatric Stroke. In Australia stroke effects 1 in every 2500 births – alarmingly that is 1 baby every 3 days.

Awareness and education surrounding Paediatric Stroke is very limited. LSW aims to raise the profile of this condition throughout Australia and also to provide families and carers of Warriors with a supportive community to help steer them through the journey to stroke recovery.

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