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Race Information

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Race Weekend Schedule

Saturday 3 May:

We strongly recommend that you collect your race kit on Saturday. Sunday race kit collection is for emergencies only.

1:00pm    Race office opens at Belmore Hotel Beer Garden 
4:00pm    Race office closes.
Pasta dinner on offer at the Belmore

Sunday 4 May

  7.30am         Race office opens at Belmore Hotel Beer Garden 
  8.30am         Course secured and open for training runs
  9.00am         11.55 km run event
10.15am         7.75km run/walk event
11.30am         4km run/walk event
12.10pm         The Mercury Mile Maitland Mile Sprint event
  1.00pm         Presentation at Belmore Hotel Beer Garden

Course Distances
The event offers a 4km run/walk course in either the 1 Lap 4km course, 2 lap 7.75km course or 3 lap 11.55km course.  
There will also be a 1609m (one mile) sprint event, The Mercury Maitland Mile, which is open to serious and novice runners who would like to "run the mile".

Start and Finish

The course will remain the same as 2013 and will start at the northern end of High St, near St Andrews St and finish in the Mall area near Bulwer St. Course.  Online course map below.  

Late Entries & Race Registration, Race Kit & Early Bird Entry Shirt collection
We strongly recommend to collect your race kit on Saturday 3 May.
Sunday  4 May 2013 from 7.30am at the Event Compound, Belmore Hotel Beer Garden (Crn High and St Andrews Street) is for emergencies only.  Sunday collection need to be at least 45min prior race starts.
The Course     

4, 7.75 and 11.55km run/walks
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Maitland Mile
Seeded competitors will be given pole position. Email us if you wish to to gain a seeded position. This will be determined on race day.

Late Entries
Late entries at the Race Compound Belmore Hotel Beer Garden (St Andrews Street) up to 1 hour before your race starts.  

Entry Fees until 21 April 
(All entries received by 21 April will receive a free souvenir t-shirt)

4km -  Adult $25
4km -  Child $20
8km -  Adult $35
8km -  Child $30
12km - Adult $45
12km - Child $35
Maitland Mile - $15

Late Entries after 21 April will incur an additional $10.00 fee per entry.

On-line Entry Payment Options

On-line payment can be made via MasterCard, or Visa via the web page. 

Race Categories

Ages are as on race day 4 May . Male and female age categories will be:  
Children:  8-11, 12-13,14-15, 16-17
Adults:  18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+
Medals awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category.

Categories for the Maitland Mile (1609m)
There are male and female adult categories . No Prize money in 2014. Free entry for all competitors in any other race.


Children over 8 years are eligable to enter the 4km and 7.75km race.  Only children aged 12 years or older can be entered in the 11.55km run.  All children under 12 years should be accompanied by an adult.  Strollers are permitted in the event, however parents with strollers should start at the rear of the pack and at all times allow runners/walkers to pass them.
Note: Special consideration will be given to experienced runners under 12 years of age. Please contact us for details on (02) 49348138.

Race Timing

Blitz Sports Timing will be timing the event with the world famous IPICO timing system.  Computer timing chips will be distributed to each competitor.  You must wear the chip on your shoe, laced into the shoe.  Please remember NO CHIP equals NO RESULT.  Interim times will be available soon after the last competitor is finished.  Timing chips must be returned at the end of the race in the bins provided before you leave the race compound.  Timing chips not returned will incur a replacement fee of $50.00.

Use of Ipod
We do not allow runners to use ipods that do not allow them to hear marshal and safety instructions. If a protest is made by another competitor you may be disqualified. This rule is to make the event safe and fun.

Race Presentation

The race presentation will be held at approximately 1.00pm at the Race Compound.

Left Bag security

A secure bag area will be provided at the Start/Finish area for athletes to leave their personal belongings while racing.  


Limited race day parking will be available in the normal CBD parking areas in Maitland.   We suggest you park in the undercover parking off Bulwer St or the car park off St Andrews St which is on the river.

There is no shortage of things to do in and around the Race Compound while waiting for runners to finish. There will be food and drinks available at local Mall outlets. So bring the crew to cheer you along!

Drink Stations
There is one drink station approx 2km into the course and also at the finish line area as you run through your laps. Water will be available.

First Aid
Medical personnel will be available at the start, on the course and finish Race compound.  


Prize Certificates will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes in all age categories.  Overall Male and Female winners are also awarded Trophies.  Random draws will take place during all presentations.

Wheelchair Participants

Due to the various uneven surfaces a specific wheel chair race or category is unfortunately not possible. We are happy to look at individual circumstances.  Please contact us if you have any concerns on 02 4934 8138.


Volunteer groups ill receive a donation towards their charitable work.   
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